(517) 575 - 6840 info@tanninofokemos.com 1620 East Michigan Avenue 11am - 9:30pm

About Tannin

Tannin is the expression of our love for excellence and novelty in food and drink. Our kitchen is a true scratch kitchen which specializes in contemporary and creative Italian cuisine embellished with elements from a variety of other culinary traditions. For lack of a better term, our cuisine is Italian-world fusion (we prefer not to put boundaries on our culinary creativity) prepared entirely by hand in-house. From hand-made pastas to our charcuterie, we complement our creativity with local produce from a variety of our community’s producers. This allows us to create fresh, flavorful dishes which change with the seasons and also support the growth of local food production.

Like the food, our bar offers unique and creatively conceived cocktails and unusual wine varietals from numerous different traditions. We offer both our interpretation of Italian cocktails as well as a chef’s cocktail list for the more adventurous. Our wine selection begins with the idea that ‘it’s all just juice’ (we really don’t like pretension) and draws from both the traditional Italian varietals and interesting selections from around the world. We will also offer a selection of craft beers from the many excellent local breweries.

Our atmosphere like our cuisine is warm, modern, and vibrant. We strive for the kind of relaxed elegance that welcomes equally those celebrating a special celebration and those simply looking for a casual bite to eat. We hope that you’ll come test us on our motto, “delicious wine, intoxicating food.”